Preschool is very important for any child since it prepares them for a great academic journey ahead. However, some parents still feel that their children are too young even when they are past one year. The truth is that children who are taken to preschools early have a conspicuous difference from those who don’t attend preschool programs. It’s good to note that taking your child to any of the child care centres Sunshine West has today doesn’t shape your child only for future academics, but it also sets them up for social and emotional success. A child care centre is crucial to children in the following ways:

Children develop motor skills

Children like exploring their environment, but this would not be possible if their physical coordination doesn’t improve. When children are exploring the environment, they are able to get new ways through which they challenge themselves. Most of the daycare facilities have programs that enable children to climb, run and play active games. All these activities among others make it possible for kids to develop fine motor skills. Children who spend their early days in one of the child care centres Sunshine West has to offer are able to build a strong eye-hand coordination and balance.

Literacy skills are boosted

Most young children show immense interest in pre-literacy skills as they grow. Children are observant and curious in many ways and they are eager to imitate the skills that the society and their families value. In a day care facility, children are instructed and shown how to assemble a toy. Children in early learning centres learn chants and rhymes, which eventually help them to notice and distinguish the different distinct sounds within words. Such activities also help them develop expressive, comprehension, and listening skills.

The child’s curiosity is nurtured

Qualified teachers in any preschool know how to nurture the child’s curiosity. They do so by observing the child’s behaviors and assessing the answers they give to the asked questions. Most competent teachers in Clayton South childcare centres know that getting the ‘correct’ answers from the children is not the main goal. The teachers know the children’s ideas and interests they can use to create activities that trigger curiosity. The make-believe plays are also crucial in enhancing curiosity and active imaginations in children.

Children enjoy growth opportunity

There are no structured settings in most homes. For this reason, children find their first structured setting and experience in a childcare facility. This means that children are able to find an environment with teachers and different groups of children. With such a structured setting, children learn how to share what they have with the other children and also to follow instructions from their teachers. Children who get enrolled in child care centres Sunshine West currently has get a good learning foundation, which prepares them for the kindergarten level.

Parents shouldn’t say their three-year-old children are too young for preschool. While some of the child day care centres Clayton South has today accept children who are two years old and above, others have facilities suitable for kids below two years of age. Parents should, therefore, not deny their kids the chance to experience exceptional growth while among other children.